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OGINS is a collection of training courses and competency testing tools for professionals in instrumentation.

The videos have been developed with new and innovative ways to upskill through a quality learning experience. Competency testing tools are readily available to measure knowledge required for a job.

Let us help you to build performance that delivers greater business impact!



For professionals and students who are looking to further develop in instrumentation

Improve performance

Master the overall foundation of instrumentation

Be recognised as an expert in a specific area

Have more confidence on the job

Learn how to effectively manage work schedule


Learn at your own pace
Mobile friendly
Courses available “on demand”

Cultivate safety awareness

Recognize potential hazards and  mitigate them

Downloadable ”Risks Assessment” for routine jobs

In-depth Work Permit system, legal requirements and procedures

Knowledge retention

Structured by modules

Progressive skills-based videos

Animated videos


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The full content package providing advanced technical knowledge in instrumentation



Viewing time

8.6 hours


4 months



Emeric has worked in the oil & gas industry for over ten years in projects located globally.  He had the opportunity to collaborate with many professionals with various levels of knowledge and background in instrumentation. Having encountered situations where he had to train his team and himself, he naturally developed and reinforced a strong passion for the discipline of instrumentation as well as for teaching and training.

Knowing that this industry has limited training location options, and lesser flexibility of time due to project schedules, he grew confident that he had identified an unmet need of this industry.

He transitioned from a successful career to providing a service that he hopes can help both organizations and individuals. The solution to this opportunity is e-learning. Emeric strongly believes that training should be accessible by anyone, from anywhere and at any time. That is how OGINS was born.

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