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+ audience to be defined

+ content & animation to be defined

+ voiceover

+ course structure to be defined

+ optional quizzes

+ optional certificate


For corporate account plans, once logged in as a group leader,  two additional submenu tabs appear under ACCOUNT.

Here below the associated features are explained.


The course company representative will add/remove students via the Subscription tab.

New student(s) can be enrolled using a form manually, OR by sharing a link via email to collaborators self-service sign-up, OR import Excel file listing employees information (username, email, first_name, last_name)

The renewal status of the subscription, the billing terms of the subscription along with the next billing date can also be found here.


Displays course progress details of your members using filter(s) by course, user, and/or group.

A visual chart will appear for  general overview of progress.

The tab Email is used to communicate with your group. For instance, a reminder to complete the course.


Customizable tests are offered to corporates subscribing to PRO50 plan or above.

The quizzes related to the course can be reviewed with company representative and redesigned to match expected difficulty level, topics or focus.

Another option, is to create a quiz not related to the course  for internal recruitment purpose, survey, safety event giveaway…

With various types of possibilities questions:

  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Free choice
  • Sorting choice
  • Matching choice
  • Open answer
  • Earning points system
  • Pictures or videos insertion


The importance of standards and company specifications in the oil and gas industry is crucial to maintain level of quality and safety. However, it varies according to the country and legislation applied and the company’s practices. This topic is clearly explained all along the course and the content has been globally designed.

Customizable plans are offered to corporates subscribing to PRO+. We propose to revise the course content to adjust it to the standards and specifications applied to your project. Your employees will complete the course trained to expectation following your procedures.


We have many ideas for the future, like creating extra courses videos for specific topics such as Regulation tuning for settings PDI parameters, analysers, old pneumatic instruments, new technologies…

As part of the PRO+ package, the add-on courses will be included for all the members with no extra charge.


OGINS website uses a CDN (content delivery network) technology for fast responsive times globally.

Users have a consistent experience for any location worldwide. The website upload is performed from the nearest distributed network of proxy servers and data centers located in all continents (+100 countries).

Same for the videos, they are hosted by CDN provider for fast upload times, globally. Moreover, the videos quality can be adjusted to match the local internet connection. From 480p (minimum definition requirement), 720p to HD 1080p.


In condition of watched all videos and passed assessments with minimum of 80% correct answers (no limitation of re-passing tests), learners will receive a certificate of completion.

This document confirms understanding and accomplishment of our training based on our standards.

Full course customization

In support of existing content such as corporate powerpoint presentation or no content, your videos will be created with animation and voice over. The videos will be organized in a logic sequence and incorporated into a course with optional customized quizzes and certificate.

Any technical, safety or general topics are suitable as long as it relates to the oil and gas industry. 

Your employees will then gain access using our website from anywhere worldwide with any professional or personal devices: computer, tablet or mobile. 

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