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Most Frequent Asked Questions and Answers

Yes, our courses run smoothly on mobile devices.

Our courses are relevant to both beginners and experienced technicians, as well as supervisors and engineers.

Yes, you can sign up for courses that are in the next level if you intend to gain further knowledge. Moreover, it is a smart choice as it will be more expensive to pay for an upgrade.

The courses are heavily edited to present essential information quickly.

Every minute of the video is packed with information, illustrations, charts, calculations and demonstrations. Working through these resources, following along with “on-the-job” practice, and re-watching certain videos to absorb all the information, these add up to a duration that is unique to you.

Moreover, we encourage you to learn at your own pace 

  • Technician course contains 50 videos with cumulative time of 6.5 hours corresponding to 3.5 months of training  based on viewing 1 videos every 2 days
  • Supervisor course contains 60 videos with cumulative time of 8.5 hours corresponding to 4 months of training  based on viewing 1 videos every 2 days

You can pay via credit card or PayPal using our online secure payment page. For corporates involving bulk purchase, please contact us.

Yes, a receipt will be supplied for your records.

Kindly inform your manager of your interest to enrol in our courses and connect us via email ( We will provide your manager with additional information regarding our courses and convince them that this is the right place to train the team. We will work with them to get you on board!

An email confirmation will be sent to the one you provided during your registration process. If you have not received any notification within 5 business days, please contact us.

You will receive access details via an email. This allows you to login and start the e-learning courses from the same place you purchased in “courses” menu. Your purchase also grant you access to the community  forums.

You will receive a certificate of competency.

We provide corporate accounts catering to large numbers, and so we are confident that we can match the required size. It involves specific features by accessing to a ProPanel for enhanced reports to the team leader: see real-time activity, group progress or quiz results. Please contact us directly to best serve you with a special quotation. Do not proceed to the online payment.

Every quiz requires a successful rate of 80% to unlock next module. However, you can have as many attempts at passing at the end of the quiz if failed. Quizzes having a time limit of 10 minutes for 10 questions.  Each module contains a bank of questions which are randomly display, as well as the answers order. Calculator is not required like any other material not provided. The last quiz of the course provides a link to download the certificate of completion.

We designed our courses as per the oil and gas specifications today. Our courses will be updated periodically to reflect new practices or new technologies implemented.

*Updates of courses with regards to your existing membership will be free!

These courses refer to generic instruments, explaining the most common technologies and providing guideline procedures, which can be applied to other brands of instruments. In addition to the information we provide, it is a good practice to read the manufacturer’s manual for specific instructions. There is also the option to seek further advice on our community forum.

We have designed the courses in such a way that the process begins from where it is the most important knowledge of instrumentation, progressing towards the different job levels and expertise required. This ensures you get what you paid for.

For individual learners:
Cancellations must be requested for in writing within first 3 days of purchase.

For Employers:
You can cancel your employees’ access at any time, however this may affect your billing.

We provide a free course as a preview but do not offer a free trial for the full course.

Being the most educated and informed candidate gives you an advantage. The course helps you prepare better for a recruitment process. Our clients use our competency tests to help evaluate their candidates.

You will need to email us an attachment of your student ID for us to provide you a unique discount code. With this discount code, you can then purchase a course.

*Note that some email clients automatically sort these messages into your spam or “promo” mailboxes, as they are related to “discounts.”

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